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In a humidity-controlled warehouse

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Condor Heavy Services offers a very efficient way of consolidating and handling complex or heavy items. 

Our humidity-controlled warehouse is easily accessible by water and road. With the help of our overhead cranes, we can lift even the heaviest objects with ease.

Consolidation of equipment

Condor Heavy Services serves as the perfect consolidation hub for your projects. We accept partial loads and bundle them in accordance with your wishes. We then transfer these with the modality of your choice (inland shipping, sea shipping or trucks).

Immediate access to your goods – always

Condor is known for its flexibility. We are available day and night. Why? Because time is money in logistics and we realize that like no other.

“Our strategic location in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam and excellent accessibility by road and water makes us the ideal location for consolidating projects.”

Container loading 

You can also come to Condor for transferring trailer cargoes to containers. We lift your load from the trailer with the greatest of ease and then place it in containers(open toppers or flat racks). Loading and unloading containers in our humidity-controlled warehouse ensures that everything stays in top condition. Our team then makes your cargo seaworthy for sea transport.

Why use the Condor handling services?

  • Strategically located in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam
  • Water-based location adjacent to major highways
  • Two 200-ton overhead cranes
  • Available 24/7
  • Humidity-controlled storage
  • Condor is 100% neutral
  • The advantages of a Bonded warehouse

Do you have any questions about Condor’s handling services? Just let me know.


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Sales & Marketing

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You can contact me for your operational questions. 


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