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Safety at Condor Heavy Services

With our certifications, Condor Heavy Services guarantees the security of our storage facilities.

These state that we take responsibility for the safety of the goods in our care. We preventively monitor our facilities at all times. In this way, we minimize the possibility of incidents and threats.

Some concrete safety measures at Condor Heavy Services:

  • Permanent camera surveillance
  • Digital access control system
  • Secured access to our facility
  • All activities are monitored

“At Condor Heavy Services, safe working practices are paramount. We operate with the greatest care for people and cargo. Safety is embedded in our working methods and procedures. We handle your goods as if they were our own.” 

OHSAS 18001: International Standard for Safety Management

OHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. Heavy lift activities cannot take place without this safety standard. By working according to the OHSAS standard, Condor Heavy Services manages labor risks as effectively as possible. We take optimum care of our staff and our visitors, but also your staffwhen they use our assembly facilities.

Read our policy statement here.

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