First and foremost, CONDOR Heavy Services strives for positive business results.

We can only achieve this by completing sufficient projects, all of which are based on customer satisfaction and competitive prices. In order to satisfy our clients, it is necessary that our products and services have at least the quality that has been agreed with them.

This means that our products and services must comply with:

  • our own and our customers’ requirements for quality, safety, health and environment;
  • applicable laws and regulations;
  • specifications, requirements and wishes of our stakeholders regarding working conditions.

To ensure competitive prices, it is necessary to control costs and to work efficiently. The required quality can only be achieved by working with:

  • experienced, well-motivated and trained employees who feel comfortable in their work, and can perform their duties under qualitative, safe, healthy and good ergonomic conditions;
  • sufficient, correct and approved (auxiliary) resources fit-for-purpose for the work being performed.

This should also help prevent accidents leading to personal injury or illness of our own employees and those of third parties, as well as material and environmental damage, and to achieve a sick leave percentage below the national average. To be able to manage safety, health, well-being and environmental matters, the management has implemented a management system based on ISO 9001 (2015)and OHSAS 18001 (2007) standards. This also ensures that evaluations can be carried out, resulting in actions and measures being adopted in order to:

  • continuously improve the management system and health and safety performance;
  • to achieve an increasingly efficient method and approach to work;
  • to achieve accurate cost controls;
  • reduce any discrepancies, and the complaints resulting from them, that are discovered;
  • to continue and, if necessary, improve the confidence of our clients regarding the quality of our products and services.

The management will make the necessary provisions and make sufficient financial resources available so that this policy can be implemented and the objectives declared within it will be achieved.

This policy statement shall be communicated with our own and temporary employees who perform their work within the scope of the Management System. It shall be published externally for stakeholders. This statement shall be reviewed annually for its content and, if necessary, updated.

Director CONDOR Heavy Services

E. Gruis
dated 01-03-2017