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PROJECT  11 December 2019

Condor stores thruster for globally operating maritime service provider

Condor Heavy Services facilitates assembly space and spare part storage of thruster for maritime service provider

It is the market-leading companies that change the world with their products and services. And our customers are undoubtedly among the world leaders in their segment. They are effectively taking the market to a higher level.

Our client’s ship is equipped with no less than 12 thrusters, each with 6,050 kW of power. These powerhouses are crucial for the precise positioning of the ship. This precision is required during the demobilization of oil platforms or the laying of pipelines. Every thruster must function optimally at all times. Spare parts must be on direct standby for deployment in case of failure.

Condor Heavy Services provides both storage and assembly space for spare parts. This 90-ton thruster was brought in for overhaul by the supplier. Our climate-controlled warehouse provided their engineers a pleasant working environment and our 200-ton overhead crane certainly came in handy several times for various operations. After the 2-month overhaul, this customer now uses Condor Heavy Services as spare part storage.

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