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Postpone VAT and import duties


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Enjoy the financial benefits of storing cargo in our bonded warehouse.

Our bonded warehouse in the port of Rotterdam enables you to store goods imported outside of the European Union. As an importer, shipper, logistics service provider or entrepreneur it all revolves around a cost efficient and smooth supply chain. We understand that you want to store your goods fast and at a reliable & easy to reach location.

Advantages storing cargo at our bonded warehouse.

The big advantage of our customs warehouse is that import duties only have to be paid when the goods are actually delivered into another country within the EU. Until then, the goods are covered by our customs permit and are safely in our humidity-conditioned warehouse. This is interesting for you for economic reasons, because you only pay import duties when the goods are exported within the EU.

Why Condor Heavy Services’ bonded warehouse?

  • Financial duties are deferred until the goods leave our warehouse
  • Remain flexible in terms of the final cargo destination
  • Waterbound and located next to major highways
  • Excellent location in the heart of the port of Rotterdam
  • An experienced crew at your service with over decades of logistical know-how
  • 2 x 200 overhead cranes for small, complex, out of gauge and heavy cargo

Experiencing challenges in your supply chain due to Brexit?

Due to Brexit, the logistics landscape experienced a drastic change. It presents logistics service providers & shippers many obstacles and challenges in their supply chains. Condor Heavy Services is there to help you and your organization. Whether you import or export goods, you can use our customs warehouse and make sure that your cargo is close to relevant markets and the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

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