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Experience the comfort of the heated warehouse

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Condor Heavy Services’ heated warehouse is the perfect place for heavy work.

MWith a maximum floor load limit of 10 ton/m2 and a large transport door (24 x 20 meters), we can handle large and complex objects with ease. Condor Heavy Services offers a well-equipped assembly facility with 400-ton overhead cranes. Ideal for both offshore and onshore projects.

Perfect water-based facilities

Leaving our warehouse, a barge can get your cargo to the Maasvlakte within a few hours. Or, of course, you own ships can visit our 400-meter long quay with a draught of 12 meters. Working closely with Bonn & Mees, we can handle objects of up to 1,800 tons on the quayside. Or we can lift up to 400 tons inside our warehouse. Condor can also provide excellent secondary facilities such as office space, industrial power supply, compressed air and an environmentally certified spraying site. With 2,000 m2 of floor space, you have the freedom to set up your assembly space according to your needs.

Keep focused thanks to our offshore engineering assembly space

By using Condor’s assembly facilities, you can concentrate on your core business.This calls for a workplace where everything is arranged just right and where your engineers can work comfortably. The heated warehouse is at a constant temperature and, in addition to the heavy-duty facilities, meets additional requirements such as office spaces. We handle your project from A to Z – all under one roof – so that you can focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Versatile, certified and qualitative

The projects you are working on require a versatile working environment. You rightly set high standards, which we can no doubt fulfill. In our assembly area, you will find the latest high-end techniques according to the highest standards of quality. We use Bureau Veritas certified ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. We also take our working methods to the next level with short lines of communication and clear agreements.

“For both offshore and onshore projects, Condor Heavy Services offers a well-equipped assembly facility with 400-ton overhead cranes.”

Why use Condor’s assembly facilities?

  • Strategically located in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam
  • Water-based location adjacent to major highways
  • Lifting capacity of 400 tons in the warehouse
  • Perfect facilities
  • Close to your customers and projects
  • Humidity-controlled storage
  • The advantages of a Bonded warehouse

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