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Condor Heavy Services’ humidity-controlled warehouse is located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam.

With its direct harbor connections and close proximity to major highways, you can pick up or deliver your goods quickly and efficiently. Our warehouse is ideally suited for the temporary storage of large and heavy objects or valuable goods.

Our terminal and warehouse specs

10,000 m2

Our humidity-controlled warehouse has 10,000 m2 storage capacity.

2 x 200 ton overhead cranes

With our two 200 ton overhead cranes, nothing is too heavy for Condor.

24×20 meter access

Our large access doors enable us to handle oversized objects.

500 TEU-capacity

We have space for up to 500 TEU.

80-ton container crane

Condor has an 80-ton container crane at its disposal.

2,000 m2 assembly space

We have 2,000m2 available for equipment assembly.

10 ton/m2 maximal loading limit

No object is too heavy for Condor. We have a maximum load limit of 10 ton/m2.

400 meter quay

Our facilities are accessible via our 400-meter long quayside.

12 meter depth

We can receive ships with draughts up to 12 meters.

Equipped for heavy loads and valuable goods

Condor Heavy Services has a 400-meter long quayside with a 12-meter draught. Our doors are 24 meters wide and 20 meters high – this means that your objects can enter and leave the warehouse without any problems. With our two 200-ton overhead cranes, we can easily move the heaviest objects.

humidity-controlled warehouse for storage of your objects

With our humidity-controlled warehouse, we ensure that your goods are stored safely. The warehouse is constantly at the right temperature and we keep the humidity between 45-65%. This way your equipment and goods remain in top condition.

The Condor Heavy Services team

Our promise

Delivering on our promises. That is the least you can expect from us.

For Condor Heavy Services, delivering added value is the key to quality. With our ISO-9001 certification, we have laid down the quality standards. ISO-9001 also gives you the guarantee that we say what we do, do what we say and can also prove it. Of course, all our facilities have also been tested and inspected.