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NEWS  14 January 2021

Condor Heavy Services recognized
as Customs Warehouse

At Condor Heavy Services, we like to make the lives of our customers easier. Therefore, we successfully obtained a Customs Warehouse License. From now on we can store your goods, arriving from outside the European Union, under a customs declaration. Goods can be stored for an unlimited period and remain under the surveillance of customs authorities.

What are the advantages of our Customs Warehouse?

  • Your goods are not subject to import duties. VAT and levies and double tax payments are omitted. If you re-export your goods, duties will only be paid in the country of destination.
  • Trade policy measures are not applicable and subject to import licenses.
  • Goods can be stored for an indefinite period until the goods are shipped outside the European Union’s customs territory. By then, our people make sure your goods are kept safe and sound.
  • Instead of using multiple warehouses, our location can be used as your local distribution center to countries outside the EU.
  • Goods can be imported and stored much quicker than in non-bonded warehouses. This means an efficient and cost saving supply chain.

State-of-the-art partner
In addition to our Customs Warehouse procedure, Condor Heavy Services can offer the following advantages:

  • 10,000 m2 of quality humidity-controlled storage space in the port of Rotterdam
  • 400-meter long, 12-meter deep quayside access
  • 2 x 200-ton overhead cranes
  • Great connections by road and in close proximity to major highways
  • Top notch assembly space
  • Assembly facilities for testing, inspecting and certifying cargo
  • Sheerleg cranes services for heavy and out-of-gauge cargo
  • Consolidation hub for project cargo & breakbulk

We would to thank Hans Kienstra from Customs Partners B.V with his advice and support in this matter.

More updates?

Your goods in our Customs Warehouse? Get in touch.


Edwin Gruis


+31 (0)10 303 70 50

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