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NEWS  15 December 2018

Festive conclusion of another successful year

What a great and dynamic year 2018 has been for the Rotterdam Offshore Community. For example, the successful participation at the WindEnergy Hamburg and Offshore Energy Amsterdam trade fairs is still fresh in our memory. The cherry on the cake was the New Year’s Eve dinner that took place on 11 December in the midst of the activities on the Heijplaat.

The program started with tours and company presentations from Condor Heavy Services, Bonn & Mees, and Schenker Logistics.

The subsequent dinner offered the 80 invited guests the opportunity to network and to catch up with acquaintances. In addition to the lively sounds coming from the DJ, there was also a general knowledge quiz about the offshore industry. After two rounds, Frank Erftemeijer, from Yellowstar, and Marianne Monster, from Port of Rotterdam, proved to have the most all-round offshore knowledge and were awarded the coveted Waro Daro container.

Chris van der Deijl appointed Jacques Vroegop of EuroRope as ambassador of the year. Jacques has introduced several new RPPC members this year. We are grateful to him and to the other members for that. Our strength is in our numbers!

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