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NEWS  20 October 2017

Breakbulk forwarders get to know Condor Heavy Services

During the Break Bulk Americas 2017 trade fair, breakbulk forwarders has the chance to get acquainted with Condor Heavy Services. It was the first time that Condor Heavy Services attended the trade fair in Houston Texas, taking part in the Port of Rotterdam pavilion. The visit was a preliminary exploration of the American market, as well as an opportunity to highlight the advantages and specialties that Condor Heavy Services can offer in breakbulk storage and handling.

According to Condor director Jan Moerkerken, participation at the Port of Rotterdam pavilion during Breakbulk Americas 2017 was a good choice: “Port of Rotterdam has given us a lot of publicity within its network. We have certainly noticed this by the amount of people visiting our stand and the media attention. We appreciate that very much.” According to Moerkerken, the stand visitors are a nice extension of the contacts and an enrichment of the Condor Heavy Services network.

Odd man out
According to Moerkerken, the participation of a company such as Condor Heavy Services turned out to be quite special: “We are a bit of an ‘odd man out’. Although we are a relatively small player, we do have very specialized capacities such as a substantial indoor lifting capacity. The 400-ton overhead cranes in combination with the completely humidity-controlled warehouse and 400-meters of quayside access are unique in Rotterdam. We can serve as an effective link in the logistics supply chain of Breakbulk goods.” According to Moerkerken, cargo forwarders can now also carry out certain transports, which were not previously possible, at Condor Heavy Services.

Looking for forwarders
Condor Heavy Services is constantly looking for forwarders and transporters to cooperate with add to their service package. Moerkerken is looking forward to theBreak Bulk Fair 2018 in Bremer Haven to meet more of these companies.

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